We have compiled all of the questions that we are regularly asked here. And, of course, we provide the answers. Please feel free to browse these questions.

If you don’t find the answer to your question, you can contact us. We will be happy to answer you.

What is SPW Recherche’s budget ?

Generally speaking, the budget dedicated to research in Wallonia is €300 million. Half of this is allocated to SMEs, one sixth to large enterprises and another sixth to the academic sector.

Do I need help to write a research project ?

There are many consultants who can help you to write your proposal. It is not mandatory, nor does it guarantee success.

However, when developing a European project, the free services from NCP Wallonia will be a huge help.

Who evaluates my project ?

Projects submitted to SPW Recherche are evaluated in accordance with very strict criteria (research quality, added value, etc.). These are specified in the regulatory texts.

Depending on the type of aid, your project will be evaluated in-house, by SPW agents (by so-called ‘qualified’ agents who are experts in research and innovation), or by external experts who have been chosen based on their skills.

A ‘pre-selection’ may take play in-house before submitting the project to an external evaluator.

The three keywords for evaluations: rigour, transparency and professionalism.

What is the difference between a call and a help desk ?

It’s all about timing. Calls are generally announced on fixed dates (with delivery of the (pre-)proposal or the letter of intent a few weeks later), while help desks are open all year long.

Two pictograms help to differentiate between calls and help desks. They are found at the top of the page for each mechanism.

How can I contact SPW Recherche ?

We have a general email address: info.recherche@spw.wallonie.be

This is our preferred contact method.

Is SPW Recherche recruiting ?

SPW (and, as a result, SPW Recherche) regularly employs agents at every level. We encourage you to check the page dedicated to recruitment in Wallonia

Can I get publications from SPW Recherche for free ?

All our publications are free and can be downloaded. Browse our press room to check them out.