I would like to

The following actions satisfy different needs. For example, wanting to conduct a research project or create an innovative company.

One or more aid mechanisms correspond to each need.

These are accessible to SMEs, large enterprises, universities, colleges, research centres or other stakeholders, which are symbolised by these icons that you will find at the top of each page.



Large enterprise   

Grande entreprise



University college  

Haute école

Research Centre   

Centre de Recherche agréé



Nonprofit organization    



The same is true for the calendar linked to the mechanism: aid open throughout the year (help desk) or aid with a fixed submission date.


Open call 

Aide guichet

aid on a set date 

Date de dépôt arrêtée


Discover the poster of SPW Recherche aid produced in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Liège - Verviers - Namur.