Online submission (ONTIME)

All of the aid mechanisms managed by SPW Recherche have been digitised and are now accessible online. There is a single point of contact to access them: the ONTIME platform.

This platform offers online forms that not only allow you to file your aid applications, but also to view the progress of your applications and manage your applications (submit activity reports, etc.).

Tutorials are available to you below, so you can familiarise yourself with using this platform. Downloading them may depend on the speed of your internet connection.


For security reasons, access restrictions are applied to ONTIME. If you are facing any difficulties, we invite you to use the VPN of your company or institution, or to contact the helpdesk.



The ONTIME team can only be contacted via email



Introduction to the ONTIME platform

This video contains a commented PowerPoint presentation that describes the main principles of the ONTIME platform. You will be able to see the different modules that will be accessible to you.


How to log into ONTIME?

This video explains how to log into the ONTIME platform in detail, as well as common errors.

What does the ONTIME home page contain?

This video details the structure of the home page that appears once you have logged in.


How to use ONTIME ?

This video details all the Walloon R&D fundings.


How do you fill in an online form?

This video explains the main principles to follow in order to correctly fill in an online form via the ONTIME platform.


How does filling in a form collaboratively work?

This video details how filling in a form collaboratively (and not simultaneously) works (a unique feature of forms in ONTIME).


How do you submit a project?

This short video describes how to submit an application to SPW Recherche.


How do you check the progress of your applications?

This video explains how to check the progress of open applications after they have been submitted.


How do you ensure the management of funded applications?

This video describes the general operating principle of the application-management module using a PowerPoint presentation.


How do you ensure the management of funded applications (demonstration)?

This video illustrates the operation of the application-management module using a case study.


How do you ensure the management of funded applications (PDF file)?

The history of an application is summarised in a PDF file, which is attached to every email received by the administration. This video presents the content of this PDF file.