adopt an international approach (INTERNATIONAL)

SPW Recherche invests in collaborative research beyond its own borders.

Various aid mechanisms exist in this respect. They are outlined below, depending on whether it is a regional, European or international collaboration.


Collaboration with Flanders or Brussels

The BELCOO programme allows a Walloon company to collaborate with a counterpart in Flanders or Brussels. Or both!


Inter-regional collaborations

SPW Recherche ensures the administrative coordination and technical monitoring of EDFR and Interreg research projects in Wallonia that are covered to a certain extent by the 2014–2020 plan for European structural funds.


International collaborations

SPW Recherche participates in several international research networks known as ERAnets.

These networks form part of an approach to creating the European Research Area, which is based on the open coordination method.

SPW Recherche is a member of the following ERAnets:

On a larger level than those two tools, a Walloon research department can participate in initiatives such as:


The SPW Research also participates in several European partnerships, tools for close cooperation between the European Union, national and regional public actors, and private actors active in R&D and innovation.

Furthermore, discover the grant allocated as part of the Horizon 2020 Framework programme to financially support SMEs during the project preparation, submission and negotiation phase of European/international R&D projects: Horizon 2020 grant.

What are the subvention / grant rates for international projects ? This figure shows what they are depending on the kind of beneficiairies and the type of research.


financements internationaux_mars 2023.png



ampoule-34x34.pngwatch the presentations of our 9/2/2023 infoday (in French) "Pour que votre recherche et votre innovation dépassent nos frontières" :