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For most companies, intangible assets represent more than 50% of the value of the company. They can be equally important to economic growth as traditional capital, goods and services.

In the context of overall competitiveness, these assets allow the company to sustain itself, to differentiate itself from the competition or to adapt to market needs. Furthermore, studies show that companies that actively manage their intellectual property as a financial asset can improve their performance by up to 30%.

Despite this, most SMEs are not concerned about intellectual property.

However, it is ‘enough’ to implement a management strategy for these assets that coincides with the overall strategy of the company, by relying on tools such as the information contained in patents, consortium agreements, secrecy or even intellectual property rights and a series of experts to help you benefit from them.

Are you an SME and are you looking to protect an innovation by filing an application or acquiring a patent, with a view to using it for your company?

SPW Recherche has set up assistance for applying for, or extending, a patent.



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