FEDER (2014 - 2020)

Of the various FEDER measures in existence, SPW Recherche is involved in:

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Measure 2.1.1: Investments in state-of-the-art equipment

This measure aims to provide research stakeholders in Wallonia (universities, colleges, approved research centres) with exceptional, high-tech technological equipment. This equipment will be used to carry out business projects that have previously been identified within the framework of partnerships between stakeholders (offer of technological services).

This exceptional equipment may be used on a subsidiary basis, as part of joint research projects between research stakeholders in the pre-defined technological fields, for which there is proven potential to derive economic value from the results.

Within the framework of acquiring exceptional technological equipment, funding will cover the purchase of equipment, as well as any related costs, and the essential technical staff for correctly managing and using this equipment.


Measure 2.1.2: Development of research projects and use of the results

Faced with the convergence of the different technological fields needed to conduct a research project, Walloon companies and research stakeholders do not always have the sufficient critical mass to deal with certain research topics on an individual basis.

This measure will aim to encourage research conducted as part of a partnership. Eligible operators are approved research centres, universities, colleges and companies.

The main objective of the approaches targeted is to create economic value. The results will be evaluated, which requires a preliminary and critical examination of the capacity for innovation of the relevant teams, as well as their propensity to promote its economic value.


Measure 2.2.1: Demand pull research grant

The goal of this measure is to support R&D within companies that conduct research efforts in collaboration with the dynamic of the competitiveness clusters in the various fields they deal with.

Actions related to this measure may take many forms:

  1. funding research programmes for SMEs in collaboration with other companies (SMEs or large enterprises)
  2. technological services performed by approved research centres and colleges for SMEs (‘Technological vouchers’)
  3. mechanism for supporting SMEs with intellectual property matters (‘Intellectual property vouchers’).


Measure 2.2.2: Support for the implementation of demo units for SMEs within approved research centres

This measure aims to encourage the establishment of demo units that allow approved research centres to show SMEs their technological capabilities, as well as the results of their research, and to interact with them with a view to integrating innovation into their processes.

This will help to bolster the skills of approved research centres in terms of the economic development of their activities.

The measure will make it possible to fund the development of demo spaces that are equipped in accordance with the expertise that should be showcased.


Measure 2.3.2: Support for the funding of demos or pilot units

Demos and pilot units come with intrinsic risks and uncertain prospects in terms of their profitability. This is an obstacle to funding them if, for example, they are the focus of a single company or connected to a single technology.

This measure aims to contribute to investments in, and the operation of, demos and pilot units by companies or groups of companies, who develop them with a view to deploying their technology on an industrial-production scale.



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